Sunday, 26 July 2015

Keppel DC REIT

Keppel DC REIT announced a decent set of maiden results that exceeded its forecast. Announcement is here.

I like the low leverage of 26.4% and there is much headway to take on debt should the need arises. It also has a long lease period of 7.2 years.

The detailed results is below.

I also like the fact that they purchase properties from Macquarie Telecom and build in annual rental escalations in the agreements.
This will allow for future upside growth to the DPU

I think the outlook remains healthy as cloud computing and data demand continue to grow healthily.

My portfolio of 15,000 shares in wife's SRS account will yield about $534 and be paid on 28 August.

Happy SRSing

Friday, 17 July 2015

SRS Portfolio - 30 June 2015

No action in June

The SRS portfolio continue to see no action in June. 

The statements are below and the portfolio is showing some unrealized losses. 

The only income received is the interest. I need to "buck" up on this account and start to add some positions when the opportunity arises. 

Investment Strategy

As a reminder to myself, I am supposed to add only long term positions. It should comprise of dividend stocks or REITs. The minimum yield should be at least 3% for stocks and at least 5% for REITs! 

Happy SRSing.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

SRS Portfolio - 31 May 2015

Apologies for not posting for a while. Had been very busy closing a transaction while trying to get a holiday in between. 

May received dividend income from two companies. $275 from Semb Corp and $1,500 from UMS Holdings. I really like the dividend from UMS, need to find more such stocks and add to my passive income portfolio regularly. 

I haven't had the time to monitor or add new positions. Will try to do some serious thinking once i have the luxury of time. Fingers crossed but hopefully will have some down time soon!

My portfolio statements enclosed. The biggest unrealized loss comes from Starburst Holdings. I will hold it for one a while more and see if financial performances improve. 

Happy SRSing

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Starburst just went burst today....

It was pretty ironic.

The stock that i wanted to buy but missed out, IPS Securex, ran up like crazy from 49c and the one that i managed to get, Starburst, went down the gutters after announcing a very poor set of Q1 results and now i am sitting on a unrealised loss of 3.8k within one day... ouch!! The stock chart looked super ugly

This is the perils of investing in small cap stocks with lumpy earnings..... Although the Company took great pains to explain that Q2 will get some revenue but i am not sure if it will be as good as Q2 last year...

I am so so so so upset with myself.... :-( 

I will need to re-look at how i select stocks for long term investing but first i need to find the time....

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Starburst Holdings Limited

I added 50,000 lots of Starburst Holdings to my SRS account on Thursday at $0.555 each. I first covered this Company when it IPO last year and my article is here.

I will not spend too much time writing about the Company as you can find the annual report here.

The Company specializes in the design and engineering of fire-arms training facilities in SEA and the Middle East. The Company has been growing rapidly for the last three years and net profit hits S$13.159m in FY2014.

The Company has been generating impressive returns for its shareholders as seen by the ROE and ROA

and more importantly, the Company has little debt on its balance sheet and trading at a valuation of around 9.4x PE

The shares are quite tightly controlled with only 20% free float and each founder holding 40% of the Company.

If you want some out-dated research report, DBS and CIMB issued reports in Sep and Aug last year. The links are here and here respectively. While i like the uniqueness of this Company, my concerns will be the lumpiness of the contracts and it is good that they are getting recurring revenue now from range maintenance etc.

This shares hardly trades so if you want to cut loss and get out, it can be an issue. This is a medium term hold for me of about 2-3 years. Hopefully the Company will not disappoint and continues to fire at all cylinders.

Happy firing!

SRS Portfolio - 30 Apr 2015

There is nothing much to blog about about my portfolio as of end of April. I have been very busy with work but having said that, I added a position last Thursday. I will blog about it in my next post. 

UMS Holdings Limited

UMS holdings went XD on May 5 and the dividend of 3 cents will be paid on May 28. My shareholding of 50,000 shares will receive a dividend of $1,500. This definitely feels more substantial than the one coming from Sembcorp! 

Sembcorp Industries Limited 

Sembcorp went XD on April 23 and the final dividend of 11 cents will be paid out on May 18. Based on my wife's shareholding of 2,500 shares, that will translate into a dividend of $275. That sounds quite pathetic. hahaha. If i include the amount paid out during the interim, the yield will be around 3.95%. Maybe i should have 'created' my own dividend by selling at $4.80. lol....

The Company announced a poor set of Q1 results on May 7. The presentation slides are here. The Q1 net profit was down a whooping 23 % due to intense competition in Singapore. The Q1 EPS is 7.8 cents. Net Asset Value stands at $3.31. The outlook for the remaining 2015 continues to be challenging. While I don't like the outlook and smell of things, the share price may have already priced in the poor results. I will hold it for now unless the share price crashed below the major support of $4.05.

Happy SRSing. ^_^  Still have quite a bit of cash to deploy!..... 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Random thoughts for April

It has been a while that I have the luxury to sit down and blog. I have been on the road. Many things happened this month. 

A friend passed away

My friend who was around my age passed away this month, leaving behind his wife and young child. I was glad that I managed to see him one last time before I flew off. He has been in the hospice and suffering for a while. 

When I received news that he has passed away, I was filled with both sadness and relief for him. Life is short. Treasure your loved ones. 

A responsible family man
Although he died young, he had been a responsible man. He not only paid off the debt on his home, he has also managed to build up a portfolio of stocks that generates passive income for his family. This is what I call a responsible family man. 

I spoke to a very successful fund manager recently. He said he only recruits a family man for his team. When asked why, he said, "if a man takes good care of his family, he is a responsible person and you can rely on him to take good care of your investments too." 

Here you go. A little inspiration for you to start taking good care of your family. 

Private investments 

I have been making investments in private companies whenever the right opportunity arises. It was interesting that my IPO blog was recently the source of my upcoming investment into a start up company. This will likely be my 4th investment into an unlisted company. I will dedicate a blog post to it in the coming days and you might be able to benefit from what that company is doing in that post. 

Public markets

I haven't been following the public market too closely. Really getting rusty but I am just too occupied with a few projects. I will need to buy stocks for my SRS accounts. Those that I can buy and then throw inside kind and look at it once in a long while.... sigh... 

Time is indeed one of the most previous commodity. Where have the last 4 months gone to?

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